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The Town Crier

Prior to Runs

shawnelll., Sep 26, 11 10:11 AM.
If you would like to go on a scheduled run...plz sign-up for it. Those that sign up will have first choice to go...if you donot sign up but want to come along...then if there is room for can come along. For now on We will be meeting 30 minutes before scheduled runs so that we all can be organized by the time the Run is scheduled to be on. All the last minute stuff has to stop b/c it is not kind for the ones that are organized and ready to start to have to wait b/c others that want to come are not ready do to whatever is going on at the time. If you cannot meet at least 30 minutes before the run, then you cannot go. I apologize for any inconvenience but we must be considerate to those that are prepared. :)


shawnelll., Sep 17, 11 4:09 PM.
For now on anyone wanting to be in a Raid, plz make sure that your ingame mic is turned on or be logged onto the vent. Even if you cannot speak, you can hear what is being said and respond in raid chat. This would be a major help b/c communication and teamwork is a must have on a raid.

State of the Kinship

SharadSun, Sep 1, 11 12:51 PM.
For the past month or so, The Last Battalion has been pounding its way into the higher echelons of the Riddermark kinship hierarchy. We took a huge step forward with the official recognition of the kinship on the MyLotRO site.

I've committed myself to reaching the stars with this kinship, and I remain committed. =)

We may be gamers, but as The Last Battalion, we're something more.


MyLotro decided to start working!

SharadSun, Aug 22, 11 11:29 PM.
We've earned a reputation for excellence on Riddermark. Now you can see our roster in all of its robust glory!

Epic thanks to our absolutely amazing Provost Guard, and to all of the fighters and lovers that call themselves the Last. You guys make all of this possible! Good job!

Anyone got ideas for another raid?

SharadSun, Aug 21, 11 10:34 AM.
I'll be taking suggestions. Post them in the Drafting Room, in the appropriate thread (which I will start as soon as I finish writing this news post =p).

On another note, who likes cheese?
The Battalion's March
How do we fight?
No way but forward!
Where are we fighting?

Side by side!

Why are we fighting?

For glory, in honor!

To battle, to battle!
To battle, we ride!

Come, all the Orcs in Isengard,
and Misty Mount, the goblins' crag,
bring down the Wraiths from Angmar cold,
and nasties in their Mordor rag,
and all the evil, seen or naught,
in Moria, the dusty deep,
but no fell creature ever stood
a chance against the Shining Keep.
SHIELDS UP, my fellow knights-at-arms!
We'll sleep it off with Pony's ale,
but cheer you well, my brother-shield;
tonight, the bastards sleep in hell.
To arms, to arms, the herald cries,
and all our spears will pierce the night,
for though the tide is bleak and black...

The Last Battalion
joins the fight!
The Wall
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A Knight's Credo
To any good kinship or family, there will be rules. Here's ours:

1) Always treat those around you with respect, even if they may not give you the same.

2) Always trust the word of your fellow kin-members, and always give them good reason to trust yours.

3) Speak softly in the Kinship channel, but not so softly we can't hear you.

4) The words of the Founder, and the Masters after him, are law.

5) Unless it is offered bluntly, do not request payment for services provided to your fellow knights.

6) REAL LIFE COMES FIRST, though being online often will contribute to kinship solidarity.

7) If any problem or misunderstanding arises with a fellow knight or with the member of another kinship, bring it to the attention of a Provost (or the Master him/herself). They will almost always know what to do.

8) Within the kinship, and in any private or public chat, you may not practice flaming, spamming, aggravating others, excessive trolling, intolerance, and any form whatsoever of harmful discrimination. By our honor, we must always present our best, both to the public and to each other.

Please be very respectful of the time commitments of others. We, the Last Battalion and its Provost Guard, exist to help you achieve victory, find friendship, live with honor, and fight injustice with wisdom... but you must first practice these virtues before help can be found in The Last.

10) Enjoy yourself playing this game... because honestly, why wouldn't you?


We are a very accepting and tolerant kinship, but for that reason, we must enforce that tolerance.

If the Provost Guard of the Last Battalion agrees in joint council make a demotion or dismissal for an active member (active within 30 days or less from the point of consideration), a Provost must confront the kinsman about the issue that forces his or her demotion.

The issue must be in clear violation of the Knight's Credo.

If the kinsman does not make sufficient amends immediately (or as immediately as possible, if the issue is addressed while the victim party is unavailable), then the demotion or dismissal will be considered sanctioned by Tinuthel Acharthang and the Provost Guard majority.

If the kinsman does make sufficient amends (to be judged by the victim party and the Provost panel), s/he will spend two weeks in Recruit status. Upon two weeks,s/he will be promoted to member status, given appropriate behavior exceeding the expectations of the Knight's Credo.

Former Provosts will have to spend an additional reasonable period of time (in accordance to the offense perpetrated) proving their loyalty by the tightest of scrutiny and highest of standards. Upon completion of this period of time and given the passing of expectations set by the Provost Guard, the former officer will be considered for promotion to their previous rank.

If these rules are followed, then the game becomes that much more enjoyable... to you and to those around you.


-Tinuthel Dragonbane (Sharad)
The Task Board
The Whispering Bowl
The Master and Provosts
Bastion Scholar
Master of War
The Shadowbane
Captain of the Halls
SharadSun (Sharad)
The Spearlord Noble
shawnelll. (Shawneth)
Shieldmaiden of the West
Words of Wisdom
"Faithless is he that says farewell when the road darkens."

- J.R.R. Tolkien
We welcome any members that feel the need for closeness and friendship, who are dedicated to helping others and keeping the gaming experience alive, and who will log consistent hours and be readily available to other kinnies.
The Tapestry of Fates
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